Motion Graphics Video

motion graphic video ADS
A growing number of companies are marketing services that don’t exist in the real world. Instead, they are entirely digital. If your company primarily works with data, or has to do with any kind of networking or security, it might not be possible to depict what you do in a realistic way that’s also impact. Your video can’t just be people sitting at their computers or using their phones. That’s when you use motion graphics.
What is a motion graphics video? It’s any video that uses text, icons, shapes, charts, and graphs to communicate ideas in an abstract or symbolic way. The broadest definition motion graphics would say that any video that doesn’t feature characters fits the bill, but the best examples of motion graphics videos distil complex and abstract ideas into simple images, and they tell stories by demonstrating the relationships between these ideas with slick motion and transitions. Many motion graphics videos are completely 2D, or rely on kinetic typography. Still others, the fanciest ones, incorporate 3D motion graphics to give the video a sense of space.
A motion graphics video might be right for you if your product or service exists solely in the digital space, or is so complex that it can’t be depicted directly.